10 ways coaching helps me and my business

Feeling stuck with your business right now? 

I was too. And this helped massively…

I’ve had the benefit of coaching. 

In fact, I would be lost without the support of my coach Holly. 

To have that time squared off in my diary to chat to her about my business, my goals, my dreams is incredible and really gives me the space to think about the future in a meaningful way.

Here are some of the biggest reasons I love coaching, the benefits I’ve gained from being coached (and now I’m fully qualified to be a coach too!)

  1. Coaching allows me to work out where my priorities are

It gives me the opportunity to consider what’s important to me (and what’s not!) and I configure out a path through it with unfaltering support

  1. I get stuff done! 

My coach holds me accountable and keeps me on track with my dreams, big and small, business and personal. 

  1. Coaching is time that in only for me, and it’s precious

To have the luxury of space to think, that’s free from distraction. That is where I usually get my light bulb moments, because I can think and be heard

  1. My coach is my biggest cheerleader. 

There’s a constant supporter of my business who isn’t in my business. They can be subjective and offer advice when I can’t see the wood for the trees. 

5. It allows me to speak my goals into existence.
By saying my goals out loud, they seem so much more powerful and meaningful. And once I’ve said it, it’s amazing (and sometimes surprising) just how often they come to fruition.

And here’s a few more too:

  • As my business evolves and changes I have someone as a sounding board
  • I can identify what’s really going on in my mind, and not ‘gloss over’ some of the trickier stuff
  • It gives me an action plan and focus every month
  • To align with my values and purpose, personally and professionally
  • I can be myself, knowing that the questions will unlock what’s inside me.

Do you have a coach, if so, what did you get from the experience of coaching? Would you be interested in being coached?

I support female founders because I know branding can be overwhelming. Wherever you’re at, I’ll coach you through the creative process; nurturing ideas and allowing space for your brand to grow. 

Do you feel like you are ready to take the next step in your brand story?

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