3 Branding Trends anyone can try. Yes, even you

You don’t need to be a graphic designer or a branding expert to have a go at these branding trends. 

Here are some of my favourite new trends that you could do yourself:

Go bigger and bolder with your typography

It’s getting harder and harder to make your branding and social media posts stand out, right?

This trend is so easy to do, and it will have an instant impact. 

Make sure you choose a font that has a flexible family (this means several weights like Regular/Semi Bold/Bold for ultimate flexibility).

Canva is the perfect digital tool to help you create your content and find striking templates with different fonts that stand out. 

Take a look at one of my recent branding design clients and how their grid has evolved – Super clear, engaging and fearless!


Try something a little different with your content

As creators it can be hard to keep up with the latest trends and easier to just stick with what you know. And in recent times, Instagram in particular has been a bit of a strange place with overall  reach and engagement down.

It doesn’t mean you have to change your whole strategy but now might be the time to give something new a try, like motion or animation – or anything else you haven’t done yet!

Here are some great ways you can try to mix up your content:

  • Lifelapse app for professional stop motion – amazing for products or showing something about you – maybe your desk space or how you make your morning brew!
  • Giphy – a picture says a thousand words but a gif can capture all the feels in a second! 
  • Trending reel – Have a scroll through and save anything you think you could use that feels right for your brand. No you do not have to dance and it certainly does not have to be complicated!

Illustration is here to stay

You can so easily enhance or refresh your brand with on-brand illustration, whether you commission your own unique designs or build a library from Canva, stay consistent in the style and way you use them. 

If you hate having your face all over your feed, illustrations can be a quirky way to show up as your own illustration!

Why not try searching some different keywords in Canva in ‘elements’

  • Marker textures
  • Sticky notes 
  • Geometric lines 
  • Hand drawn 
  • Brush stroke 
  • Female empowerment 
  • Abstract line
  • I could go on all day…. Give it a go!

If you feel like you have all the tools and a lot of ideas but something’s still holding you back with making the most out of your branding, then why not book a ‘no-pressure but lots of fun’ branding Discovery Calls.

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