Do I even need a logo?

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Creating a logo for your business can feel like a really big decision and as a personal brand, you might question whether you need one at all. 

When you look at branding holistically, it isn’t about spending £1000s on a logo. It’s about creating all this for you:

  • You are 100% confident about your mission and truly aligned with your values, your brand messaging becomes crystal clear and laser-focussed.

  • People understand you.

  • Work becomes a pleasure and is second nature.

  • You show up consistently online and offline, unafraid and unapologetic.

  • You are no longer afraid to be seen or heard. 

I’ve worked with over 50 women 1:1 over the last few years, with some who were stuck on the idea of creating a logo first when starting a business or rebranding. 

However, once we got into the nitty gritty and dug deep into the foundations of their brand, they realised it was always more than design:

• I had so many ideas but wasn’t sure how to represent them, I feel so much clearer now

• I feel really excited and more confident about my brand now

• My brand is now really starting to attract the clients I want to work with

• I’m now presenting a more professional brand to prospective clients

• I’ve gone from feeling very unsure about my whole business to absolutely bursting to get ‘out there’.

• Makes me feel I’ve made a massive step forward.

So does a personal brand actually need a logo?

Before I give you the answer, there’s a few different ways that my clients have approached this one.

The Ready-to-Launch Approach

For some of my clients they simply can’t imagine launching their new brand/offer/service without a professional look and something to be proudly kick-start their new venture with.

This is great because:

  • You have an amazing look to be consistent with from the very beginning
  • Your look will become recognised quickly
  • You will feel confident and have saved time to focus on your business

The Time-for-a-Refresh Approach

Others may have been getting by with an ‘it’ll do’ type of approach to branding and it’s only in time that they can dedicate and invest in a new identity.

This is also great because:

  • You’ve ‘lived’ with your brand and now really know what you want
  • You are clear on the direction of your brand and you are invested in making changes
  • You’ve learnt much and can now apply it with ease

So what’s the answer?

Yes. You do! Because YOU. 

You are your personal brand’s identity. 

So to live and breathe it you need to define it.

When you have your branding defined and clear in your head, it will make it easier to create or brief someone to create that logo and identity for your business. 

Whether you’re here looking to create your brand launch, your business is evolving or you’re just starting out and need advice (trust me, I’ve been there!) I’m here to help.

I work with female founders; changemakers, startups and entrepreneurs, who are driven and passionate about their values and purpose – ready to build a brand they love. 

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