Questions to help you rediscover your Why

Do you ever get a bit stuck on the day to day grind and forget to think about the bigger picture? 

Well, this has just happened to me.

As a business owner (about 18 months in for me) everyone seems to wear the ‘Are you busy?’ as a badge of honour. 

I am busy. 

And I feel very lucky to be that way, but (and it’s a big BUT!) what’s the point of the busy-ness?

I want my business to be a success of course, but I want it to grow in a way that is sustainable to me. I’ve taken on lots of support in my first year, I’ve learnt a ton, but I also know what doesn’t feel right.

As a coach (and a coachee) I know how important it is to check in on the ‘Why’ every now and again. 

A LOT changes in a year, right?

So, ask yourself this.

  • Why did you set up your business?
  • Who do you do it for?
  • What does ‘good’ look like? (Your version, no-one else’s!)

These are all questions I include in my pre-work for a Brand Discovery Call, the first step in setting your brand foundations. 

And I needed to do it for myself too.

So now I know that I want to develop my skills, seek new challenges and explore opportunities, but I don’t want to wear a ‘busy badge’ for the sake of it. 

And I want to try and shake off some lingering ’employee mindset’ (but more on that another day!).

How does it feel? 

Good. And well worth a check in.If you want more clarity and like the idea of exploring more questions about your Brand Foundations – check out my FREE Workbook ’10 things to ask yourself about your brand’

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